Best Massage Chairs

Panasonic EP1285KL Massage Chair
Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair
Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69
Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C
High Quality Leather Upholstery with Advanced Quad-Style Massage TechnologyDesigned to enhance natural healing and wellness through the power of shiatsu massage32 Air Bags - Powerful 11 Motor System - Intelligent 4 Roller SystemKneading: Reduces muscle pain and works out knotsMore than 30 air bags. Build in Heat Intelligent roller system
4 Pre-set Programs that include Shiatsu, Swedish, Quick and Chiro ModeThe movements and choreography of each Inada massage chair are based on the actual movements of a shiatsu masterNeck & Shoulder Massage Feature - Lower Back Heat TherapyShiatsu Results: Power rollers are used to relax muscle stressMassage heads are designed to target stress relieving "tsubo points" on your neck
8 Manual Massage Operations: Knead, Compression, Swedish, Hawaiian, Full & Regional Roll, Soft Shiatsu and TappingInada massage chairs incorporate a proprietary technology that combines scanners, rollers and air compression systemsUltra-Long Range Massage - Fatigue Relieving Adjustable Air Bag MassageCompression and Percussion: Improves flexibity. mobility and posture of the legsCompression and Percussion: Improves flexibity. mobility and posture of the legs
Striking Brushed Aluminum Accents and Detailed Stitching finishAnti-Bacterial, Soil Resistant Synthetic Leather or Genuine Top-Grain LeatherCool Synthetic Leather - 3 Year Factory WarrantyChop Action Tapping and Flapping: Reduces soreness and ache fasten, relax stiff muscles and soften thick layers of fatty depositsEasy to follow install video - 1 year limited warranty

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Top 5 Massage Chair Reviews

Whether you want to relax after a hard day’s work, or you simply want to enjoy some soothing pressure applied to key muscles around your body, a massage chair is the ultimate luxury. With comfortable seats that cradle you while you are getting your targeted and entirely remote controlled massage, your feet and legs can even be getting a phenomenal massage as well. It all depends on the type of massage chair you decide to purchase!

High quality massage chairs generally cost upwards of several thousand each, but their amazing benefits make them worth every penny. Unfortunately for someone who has never owned a massage chair before, spending that much money on a product they weren’t completely sure about can be nerve racking. Thankfully we’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best massage chairs available. Continue reading these Top 5 massage chair reviews so as to find the perfect model for you!


Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair with Chiro Mode

Panasonic is a leader in the massage chair industry, and therefore the expectations for this massage chair are much higher. Fortunately it does not disappoint.

The Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair with Chiro Mode has only four preset programs, which is a little disappointing, but it performs each and every function exceptionally. Despite not having a million and one options, Panasonic trimmed down the massaging features to deliver what was needed to their clients.

Once you sit in the Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair you immediately feel relaxed already and it is a struggle just to summon up the willpower to leave. After you recline, put your up in the leg/feet massagers, and turn it on, you will immediately thank the day you purchased the chair.


Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is one of the more expensive options on the market, but when it comes to massage chairs – you get what you pay for.

The chair itself looks phenomenally comfortable, with an ample amount of padding and a luxurious looking spot for your feet and legs. Once you sit down and turn the machine on, however, you see why it is worth the price.

There is not a spot on your back, neck, legs, or feet that this chair does not completely and utterly massage perfectly. Tension simply melts away and the gentle needing and soothing shiatsu massage completely relaxes all of your muscles.

Another truly amazing feature about this chair is that it has specific massage programs for each time of day. Wake up and enjoy your coffee while getting a massage programed specifically for mornings or relax before bedtime with a nighttime massage!


Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Once the Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair is delivered to your house and put where you want it, the setup is simple and within minutes you can finally sit down in your brand new chair and enjoy how completely luxurious and high quality the massaging features are.

There are an intense number of airbags all around the chair making it a bit difficult for those who are overweight, but anyone of medium to small build will feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

After you turn on the chair, however, you can truly enjoy your purchase because the kneading doesn’t hurt like so many other massaging chairs do. It seems completely natural and you can easily sit in the chair for a half hour or more without realizing how long it’s been! Overall, the Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair is definitely worth purchasing!


New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

The New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 is an excellent and affordable option that gets the job done superbly. You don’t have all of the excess cushions around you, which can make longer periods in the chair a little uncomfortable unless the massage is on, but the massaging features themselves are surprisingly great.

The kneading on your back does an excellent job of mimicking real hands and works out any knots and tension quickly. There is also a calf massager which is absolutely fantastic. It squeezes firmly, but not painfully, and is amazing for after workouts and long days on your feet.

Would recommend getting a separate foot massager for the complete full body massage package; however the chair itself is more than worth buying!


Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

Unlike most other full body massagers, this chair incorporates a heating element that penetrates deep into your muscles and relieves every ounce of tension and pain. You feel incredibly relaxed after a massage, and you don’t have to be in the chair near as long to feel relief as you would chairs not utilizing heat.

The foot and calf massagers work well, but the calf ones can be a bit rough over a longer period of time unfortunately.

A great feature about the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C is that it truly looks like a much more expensive model than it is. It features the control pad instead of the remote, has a complete foot and leg massager, and loads of padding to boot.

Overall this is definitely a must for anyone looking for a quality massage chair that doesn’t cost them thousands!



When it comes to purchasing a massage chair, you need to make sure that the chair you get not only fits your budget, but also your needs and lifestyle as well. There are thousands of different massage chairs to choose from which is why reading trusted reviews on their features and function ill help you narrow down your choices significantly. Whether you are looking for an incredibly high quality massage chair such as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, or something a bit more affordable like the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C, you can expect each of these massage chairs to not only deliver exceptional and luxurious massages, but also be the absolute best value for your money.


10 Tips For Choosing The Best Massage Chair

Massage chairs are special types of chairs with internal electronic gears and motors designed to massage anyone sitting on them. Massage chairs usually have some form of controllers for varying the massage location, type and intensity. Massage chairs are perfect home and/or office accessories for giving you that much needed massage after a stressful day.

Massage chairs have become increasingly popular over the past few years as life becomes more stressful. As a result, there are very many massage chairs available in the market today. It is however important to note that most of these massage chairs are low quality, uncomfortable and ineffective. There are very few durable, fairly priced effective massage chairs in the market today. Because of this, people need to be extra careful when buying massage chairs.

If you are interested in knowing how to buy the best massage chair for your home or office, you are in the right place. Below are top 10 tips for choosing the best massage chair.

1. Choose a design/color that complements your furniture/space
This is the first most important tip to consider when choosing the best massage chair for your home and office. The best massage chair must match your furniture/space. Forget about a massage chair which doesn’t complement your space. Such a chair might serve you well but attract attention for all the wrong reasons. Before you look into the intricate details of a massage chair, make sure the design/color synchronizes perfectly with your furniture or space.

2. Consider durability
Durability is as important as the design/color when choosing the best massage chair. The best massage chair should obviously be durable. You should always settle for massage chairs made using durable material. The massage chair should also be easy to maintain because this automatically increases the chair’s lifespan.

3. Choose a massage chair with many massage styles
The effectiveness of a massage chair is dictated by many things the most notable being massage styles. The best massage chair offers a variety of massage styles that target the whole body. Keep away from massage chairs which don’t offer variety because there is very small difference between them and regular chairs.

4. Choose a massage chair with a friendly interface
There are very many new advanced massage chairs in the market today. Most of them are hard to use. The best massage chairs in the market have interfaces which are easy to understand and use. You should always opt for user friendly products for obvious reasons.

5. Consider a massage chair offering full body massages
It is important to note that massage variety doesn’t necessarily translate to full body massages when talking about massage chairs. You must therefore go a step further to confirm that the massage chair you are about to buy offers full body massages. The best massage chairs offer full body massages by targeting all pressure points in the body. A massage chair that doesn’t offer full body massages doesn’t qualify to be called the best massage chair.

6. Consider value for money
Massage chairs cost more than regular chairs. You must therefore consider very many factors before you commit your hard earned money. The price has to be right i.e. it matches the quality of the material used, the size of the chair e.t.c. You shouldn’t assume that you are buying the best massage chair in the market just because the chair is expensive.

7. Consider a high value/recognized brand
The best massage chair also needs to carry the name of a recognized brand. Highly recognized brands portray credibility, high quality, good after sales service e.t.c. Instead of going for a cheap massage chair brand no one knows about, you must consider paying more for a recognized brand if you want to get the best massage chair in the market.

8. Consider the function
Massage chairs can serve different functions. The best massage chair must serve its specific function perfectly. For instance, if you are buying a massage chair because you have back problems, you should choose a chair that deals with backache as the primary function. You can then consider other secondary functions later. The best massage chair should also offer functions like heated massage and automatic recline among many others.

9. Consider the massage chair location
You must also consider where you intend to place your massage chair (at home or at work) for you to be able to buy the best massage chair the market has to offer. There are very many types of massage chairs ideal for office and home use. Considering this factor ensures you choose a chair that blends perfectly with your home or office space.

10. Consider comfort
This is the last most important tip to consider. The best massage chair for your has to be comfortable. If you compromise on comfort, you definately won’t end up with the best massage chair.


5 Best Massagin Chairs under 500$

You may consider a massage chair as an investment for your well-being and overall health. You may need a massage chair as an outstanding luxury or you may need it to help you with certain health-related conditions. The perfect massage chair can help you relieve the body from tension, aches and pains. Furthermore, it improves your blood circulation and makes you feel better.

Massage chairs have a tendency to be expensive. However, this is not always have to be the case. With a little research, you can uncover the best massage for your money’s worth. Here we are going to review 5 Best Massaging Chairs under 500$.


Comfort Products 8 Motor Massage Recliner with Heat

Comfort Products is one of the leaders in producing quality and affordable massage chairs, and Comfort Products 8 Motor Massage Recliner with Heat is one of the best massagers in the market to provide great value. The massager is usually priced around 250$, depending on where you purchase it.

This lounge chair massager is able to provide relaxing massage and heat at the same time, and it is also equipped with 8 powerful motors. With these features, it is easy to drift into a state of relaxation as its powerful motors and warmth soothes those tensions, aches and pains away. This massage chair is especially great at providing a stress-reducing massage to the back and thighs.

The massage chair is very comfortable to sit because of its 3.25 inch thick foam cushions and its simulated-leather fabric. However, the massage chair only comes in one color. Lastly, this massage chair includes hand controller and ottoman.


Repose E1000 Gaming Chair Lounger Recliner Entertainment Bone Rattler

This is the time for gamers to cheer in delight since the perfect massage chair has arrived. This item is a combination of a massage chair and a gaming chair. It was originally launched in 2006. Since then, a lot of people consider it as the ultimate entertainment chair.

The design is very ergonomic making it one of the most comfortable gaming chairs around. The main feature of this chair is the sub-sonic “Bone Rattler” and its built-in 2.1 stereo system. You can pair it with your favorite video game and fully immerse yourself in the visuals, sounds and physical “rattler”. However, the chair may also be used for other purposes since the features also functions for watching movies and even listening to music. Another feature that makes this chair great is the capability to be multi-player linked to other similar chairs.

As a bonus, it comes with a cup holder so you can sip a refreshing drink in between the action. With the price set at less than $450, it is a truly a great chair for relaxation and earth-shattering entertainment.


Comfort Vantin Deluxe Massage Recliner and Ottoman with 8 Motors and Heat

This massage chair from Comfort Products is ideal for people who are not only looking for a great-performing massage chair but also who are looking for a massage chair with a stylish look. This massage chair is able to sooth those aches and pains especially the ones that are located in the calves, thighs and back. Furthermore, it has a heating system that is especially designed to deliver soothing heat treatment for your lumbar area. It is easy to adjust the chair to your desired level of intensity and massage style because of its 5 pre-programmed modes and 3 levels of intensity.

The look and style of the Comfort Vantin Deluxe Massaging Recliner is elegant and classy with its stylish wood base and simulated leather upholstery. It comes in dark brown color and fire retardant foam. The massage chairs features reclining tension and recline and swivel adjustments allowing you to feel the comforting massage in whatever position you desire.

The massage chair also features a great value for your money with its low price.


Comfort Products 10 Motor Massage Recliner with Heat

With low price, this massage chair from Comfort Products is one of the best massage chair in its class. The price also includes the hand controller, chair and ottoman. It features a simulated-leather fabric in black color with 3.25 inch thick foam cushions underneath it. Much like other massage chairs from Comfort Product, this massage chair is great at soothing sores away from the back and thighs.

However, it is great at providing you a great feeling by massaging stress and tension away from all parts of the body. One thing that separates this chair from other Comfort Products massage chairs is the 10 powerful motors. With this chair, you will have more stress-reducing and relax inducing action. Furthermore, not only this massage chair has powerful motors, it features a heating system to compliment the massage.

With massage and heating system combined, you can expect to melt those stress and tension away in a single sitting.


Executive Leather Massage Chair KCA200

This is another great massage chair from Comfort Products with an executive look and feel to boot. The massage chair is surprisingly priced at less than $300, which is very easy on the pocket when compared to other massage chairs in the market. The chair features thick pillow cushions, making it very comfortable. It features a high adjustable pneumatic seat so you will be able to adjust the seat to according to your height or the height of the desk you are working-on.

Yes! You can get a massage from this chair even while you are working on your desk. Another unique feature of this massage chair is its relatively lightweight and portable properties unlike most massage chairs in the market that are usually bulky and heavy. You can use the chair even without an electric outlet because it comes with a battery. The batteries are able to power the chair for 5 hours in a single full charge.

The massage performance is great especially considering that it only has 5 independent vibrating massage motors. However, you may need to do some assembling when this massage chair arrives at your doorstep; but it is not that complicated and you will only need tools that are found in a common toolbox. You can assemble the whole thing in less than an hour.


How do Massage Chairs Work

After a long day of exhausting hard work you may return home with an extremely stiff back, while your shoulders are aching in pain and your feet are absolutely throbbing in pain. One excellent and efficient way of relieving the pain is by taking off your shoes and relaxing on a massage chair. These robotic massage chairs we have in our society have now been around for many years. In the U.S they are luxury items which can cost a few thousand dollars. However massage chairs are not found only in the United States. They are also found much more commonly in Japan where studies have shown that around 20% of households contain one of these spectacular pieces of technology.

The main idea behind the massage chairs is very simple. There is a device inside the chair itself which nicely provides the person sitting with the smooth sensation of receiving an almost perfect massage to aid any muscular pain. Many of the cheaper massage chairs available on the market only contain some simple little vibrating elements while the more expensive and complex chairs contain machinery which is accurately designed to perfectly mimic the techniques of a professional massage therapist. While most of the massage chairs available on the market rely solely on a complex mechanical approach, some inventors have now come up with a variety of other techniques to master the massage chair. There are some massage chairs which are known to actually use water alone to massage and erase any stress or tension. Other chairs have been found to use some air bags which squeeze the muscles and therefore promote blood circulation.

So you may be wanting to known how these machines actually work? First there is the mechanical approach.

Most massage chairs will rely on a specific combination of gears, motors, rollers and also vibrating mechanisms. These types of chairs were invented more than half a century ago and have recently became much more sophisticated. The simplest of massage chairs will use a variety of vibrating surfaces which provide a nice massage. To create these vibrations the manufacturers use little devices which contain a weighted gear or wheel. The weight is not in the centre of the wheel which makes the wheel unbalanced. When the device’s motor rotates the unbalanced wheel quickly a vibration is created. The same technique of creating vibrations is actually used in cell phones.

The actual feeling of the massage is created by the use of rollers. These rollers essentially act as real human hands and can move in different patterns which are determined alone by the frame structure. Some rollers in chairs have a very limited range of motion whereas some certainly don’t, however these will be more expensive. On some cheaper chairs the rollers can only actually move upwards and downwards on the back of the chair due to the fact that they travel along a track which is attached to the frame of the massage chair. It is the efficient electric motors which provide the energy to the rollers.

Other massage chairs do have a lot more complexity. On such chairs the manufacturer will mount the rollers onto the mechanical arm which can move laterally along with the ability to move vertically. Therefore the rollers can also move right and left, or even in a circular motion. The movements of the mechanical arm are also powered by electrical motors. A smart microprocessor inside the chair stores patterns which are recorded and programmed into the chair allowing different movements for the massage.

Some massaging chairs are designed to make use of water. However the person sitting in the chair does not get wet at all. This design was invented by Frank J. Arzt. In this design there are jets of water used to provide the user with a perfect massage and remain completely dry. Included in his design is a waterproof membrane which is very similar to the kind of membrane found in a water bed. The front side of the membrane is restrained by bars and valves at the very top of the waterproof membrane will allow users to fill up the membrane cushion with water. At the opposite side of the membrane there are nozzles which connect to an electric pump and also a heating system. The pump here recirculates the water in the chair and pushes it through some of the nozzles to mimic a massage sensation. The water temperature can be changed by the user if desired.

Massage chairs are certainly worth purchasing as they definitely help relieve muscular pain caused by exhaustion. It is recommended that you buy a good massage chair which provides more motions and more features. Some chairs are cheap but they are not as efficient as the more expensive machines.


Most Notable Health Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have been around for more than thirty years now, and their design and mechanism of action has been significantly improved over the decades. As a matter of fact, a modern massage chair can efficiently replace a traditional masseuse – not only can it help you relieve all the stress and tension that has been accumulating in your muscles throughout the day, but it can also help you treat the bothersome back pain as well. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that there are many other health-related benefits of massage chairs: if you choose the right one, it can benefit your nervous, muscular and skeletal system, and it can also improve your blood flow as well. Having said that, here is a deeper insight into some of the most notable health benefits of massage chair:


1. Improved Blood Flow

If your hands and feet are always cold, then the chances are that you are suffering from impaired blood flow, an issue that can wreak havoc on your health if left unattended. Blood is essential for the correct functioning of your body given the fact that it carries all the valuable nutrients to your muscles and your vital organs. A good massage chair can increase the production and boost the activity of red blood cells, it can help your blood vessels and arteries dilate and ensure a correct blood flow (thus relieving hypertension which is known to increase the risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease) and it can also reduce swelling in the feet by promoting good lymphatic circulation.


2. Massage Chairs Reduce Stress And Tension And They Also Improve Posture

This is certainly the main reason why millions of people worldwide have decided to invest in a good massage chair nowadays. If you have had a stressful day at work, nothing relaxes you more than a professional massage that will clear your mind and help you let off some steam. At the same time, it must be said that massage chairs are known to improve your posture, thus being a great choice if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer. You will notice how your body gets rejuvenated and your energy levels increase after only a few minutes of deep relaxation massage!


3. The Massage Chair Will Improve Muscle Function And Promote Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

This aspect is particularly important for athletes and bodybuilders who work out on a regular basis. As you may already know, athletes need professional sports massage on a regular basis to increase their flexibility, improve blood circulation and speed up recovery after a muscle injury, a strain or a sprain. However, this will no longer be the case with a massage chair, as it will quickly turn into your own personal massager that can give you an efficient and personalized sports massage in the privacy of your own home. No matter if you suffer from leg cramps or muscle spasms, or you workout a lot at the gym and you want to reduce muscle pain and soft tissue pain, a massage chair is undoubtedly a good investment that will certainly benefit you in the long term.


4. Your Bones Will Benefit From The Massage As Well

Last, but certainly not least, massage chairs can make a tremendous impact regarding the health of your skeletal system. If you have stiff or painful joints and you want to increase their flexibility without resorting to drugs or supplements, then a massage is surely the best natural treatment for that. Also, a massage will help you move easier and reduce joint strains, which will also decrease the risk for injuries and accidents.


The Bottom Line

To conclude, modern massage chairs use state-of-the-art nodes, rollers and motors to perfectly mimic the massage a traditional masseuse would give you. These mechanisms emulate hands and fingers and the chair can be easily adjusted to each individual. In addition to this, the most advanced massage chairs on the market come with a computer-assisted adjustability feature – in this case, the chair will automatically choose the best type of massage and set its intensity depending on your weight, height, anatomy as well as purpose, be it relaxation massage, Shiatsu, pain relief massage, Swedish massage and such.

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